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2007 Tournament

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Elaine Gates wins first place in Empty Hand Kata at KyoKushin Annual Tournament on Oct 1st, 2011.

After 3 months of training, Elaine performed Taikyoku Shodan form and won 1st place in the novice competition. She is currently working on her Orange Belt requirements.


Sunrise Dojo scores huge at the 21st Annual

Tatsu Do Tournament Apr. 30, 2011

Example of Training at Sunrise Dojo:

Kata (Forms Training): Ni Ju Shiho

All Sunrise Dojo students competed at the 21st Annual Tatsu Do Tournament in Livonia, NY, April 30, 2011. Shown above: Ciara Arnold, Brent Mistretta, Jennifer Bulkley, McKenzie Mistretta,  William Salamone, Amber Treadwell.

Sunrise Dojo entered 14 competitors. Everyone trained hard since January. Special Tournament classes were held by Master Wheeler every Saturday. Students all had a chance to thoroughly prepare and it showed in the results, clearly demonstrating the relationship between preparation and success.


# Competitors


# Grand Championships


1st Places


2nd Places


3rd Places


4th Places


Total Comp. Events


Total Placements


Competitors (*Black Belt)

Kata Kumite Weapons Team Kata Self Defense
Arnold, Ciara
1 2 1 1 -
2 Bulkley, Jennifer 1 2 - - -
3 Horn, Steven 2 c 4 - -
4 MacKay, Michelle 1 2 - - -
5 Middleton, Ed 2 1 - - -
6 Mistretta Nino 3 3 - 1 2
7 Mistretta, Brent 1 3 - - 1
8 Mistretta, McKenzie 1 2 - - -
9 Roztocil, Anna* 2 4 2 2 1
10 Roztocil, Rebecca* - c - 1 1
11 Roztocil, Tomas* - - - 1 -
12 Salamone, William 1 1 - - -
13 Treadwell, Amber 2 3 - - -
14 Washburn, Ethan 2 3 - - -

Grand Champions

1 Roztocil, Anna*         GC
2 Roztocil, Rebecca*       GC GC
3 Roztocil, Tomas*       GC  

Amber Treadwell, 2nd Kata, 3rd Kumite, William Salamone, 1st Kata and Kumite, McKenzie Mistretta, 1st Kata, 2nd Kumite

Brent Mistretta, 1st Kata, 3rd Kumite, 1st Self Defense, Nino Mistretta, 1st Self Defense, 1st Team Kata, 3rd Kata, 3rd Kumite & happy Mom

Ciara Arnold, Brent Mistretta, Jennifer Bulkley (see placements in other pictures)

Ciara Arnold (1st Weapons, 2nd  Kumite, 1st Team Kata with Nino Mistretta)

Andrew Temple, Anna Roztocil and competing team for Black Belt Self Defense Grand Championship

Anna Roztocil, 2nd Place, Black Belt Weapons (Bo Kata)

Steven Horn, 2nd Kata, 4th Weapons, Nino Mistretta (see above)

Michelle MacKay, 1st Kumite, 2nd kata

Jennifer Bulkley (R), with her kumite competitor

Jennifer Bulkley, 1st Kata, 2nd Kumite, Ed Middleton, 1st Kumite, 2nd kata (mom & son)

Brent Mistretta, 1st Self Defense, with partner Ethan Washburn

Rebecca Roztocil, Grand Champion, Women's Black Belt Self Defense, with partner Thomas Schmitt

Anna Roztocil, Grand Champion, Junior Black Belt Self Defense, with partner, Andrew Temple

Andrew Temple, Grand Champion, Men's Black Belt Self Defense, with partner Anna Roztocil


Sunrise Dojo Students in Self-Defense Action

Anna Roztocil executing front kick defense against grab attack (Sensei MacKay)

Anna Roztocil e follow-up counter attack with roundhouse kick to head

Sensei Donaldson executing arm lock and take down Jessica Minges - palm-heel strike after takedown Rebecca Roztocil - palm heel strike from grab defense

TATSU DO is an eclectic system of martial arts founded by Soke William R. Cavalier,Jr., after many years of study in the arts ranging from Ju Jutsu, Chinese Kempo, Shito-ryu, Chito-ryu to Goshin Jutsu Kyo Jujo. Soke Cavalier has also studied Kung Fu and various weapons systems. He is currently one of the few living masters holding the rank of Judan, 10th Dan. 

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SUNRISE DOJO specializes in nothing but martial arts instruction from basic Karate, including all types of Self Defense, to Aiki Jutsu, Ju Jutsu, traditional oriental weapons, and traditional Japanese sword.

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Hanshi Tomas Roztocil, the Head Instructor of Sunrise Dojo, is an 8th Degree Black Belt in Karate and Kobudo, 6th Degree Black Belt in Aiki Jutsu and holds a rank of Senior Master in Iai Jutsu. Hanshi has been studying martial arts since 1970 and achieved his first degree Black Belt rank in April 1974, from Soke William R. Cavalier and Kyoto Durant. He is the senior student of Soke William R. Cavalier, 10th Dan, founder of  TATSU DO

Hanshi Roztocil (above) holds an 8th Degree in Karate and Kobudo, 6th Degree in Aiki Jutsu and the rank of a Senior Master in Iai Jutsu. 

He built the Sunrise Dojo in 1995-96 with the help of his wife Helena, several Tatsu Do black belts, students and Soke Cavalier. The dojo was designed specifically for martial arts. The main dojo hall is one of the largest in the area. There are separate changing room facilities for men and women. 

The dojo is situated near the center of Caledonia but it feels like it is in the middle of the woods. It is actually on the east side of 10 acres of woods.

Aside from martial arts, Hanshi Roztocil has enjoyed a successful career in business, including positions as a Vice President of Engineering at Eastman Kodak Co. and Senior Vice President of Research & Development at Heidelberg Digital, LLC. Without a doubt, the discipline of martial arts training has enabled his success as a professional. It could help you as well.

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Sunrise Dojo has seven black belt instructors ranging from 1st to 7th Degree. Visit the Instructors page to meet them.

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See Emily Milgate in Action !!

Kumitachi is a very fast two-person fighting exercise.

Click on the picture to watch the action.

Go to http://tatsudo.com/iai_jutsu.htm to see more action and all 15 Kumitachi sets, including the ones with broken bokkens...

Emily was only 15 years old in these movies, but you would never know it when you see her fight. The inside joke is that she broke two bokken (wooden swords) within a 2 minute interval while recording this clip. They were just another addition to her growing collection. There are 15 kumitachi sets, A and B side, which are different in all but the first two sets. She already knows both sides of all 15 sets. (You will need cable modem or some patience due to large file size). 

Emily has since been promoted

to 1st Degree Black Belt in Iai, Kyoshi Roztocil's first Iai student to reach Shodan in Tatsu Do Iai Jutsu. These are her latest "trophies"...

See our News and the Ranking News Pages for the Latest Info !!

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